‘America’s Sports Mom’ gets kids high on life


Todd Seligman--ranked one of the top BMX vert extreme riders in the world. Todd has been with Gale's sport shows for 8 years.

Extreme Sports & Air Shows dazzle crowds

Some of the best professional and amateur athletes in skateboarding, in-line skating and bicycles stunt maneuvers dazzle the crowds using quarter and half pipe ramps in a high energy show. Gale’s message to kids is clear.      Stay off drugs, stay in school, kids are always number one and it’s always cool to ‘get high on life.’  Find out more about Extreme Sports & Air Shows

The Gale Webb Story

Gale’s own life is the stuff of Hollywood drama.  After overcoming extreme adversity as a child and young adult, as well as a near tragedy, Gale triumphed to become one of America’s top women’s  motocross racers, as well as an accomplished snowboarder skateboarder and in-line skater. Get the full story in About Gale.

Gale Webb

Gale Webb in action

For more than two decades, the name Gale Webb has evoked such words as “exciting, extreme, outrageous and motivational.” Her extreme sports and air shows have been seen by tens of thousands of kids and adults from across the country. And for good reason. Gale’s ‘get high on life’ messages, her emphasis on family and safety in sports  have earned her the title as “America’s Sports Mom.”

MX-Mom Gale Webb