About Gale

  After a routine parachute jump went tragically wrong, spinning Gale toward the ground without a main chute, she miraculously survived with a broken neck and back and a prognosis from doctors that was loud and clear -- she would never lead a normal life. DoctoThe 'original' skateboarding mom. Gale Webb is still an avid skater.rs were right.  Since her near-tragic fall 30 years ago, Gale Webb has struggled to not just simply come back to lead a normal life, but to come back as an example to young people and  send a message from the heart.

   Months of physical and emotional rehabilitation turned into years as Gale had to relearn many of the basics we take for granted such as tying shoelaces and simple reading skills. While still struggling with an incredible uphill battle to become “normal” again, Gale was devastated by another tragedy – the death of her best friend to a drug overdose.

     Gale made a graveside promise to her friend that she would do everything within her power to keep drugs and alcohol from ruining the lives of others.  And for more than a quarter of a century, Gale has kept her promise.  Hundreds of thousands of kids from across the country have been inspired by Gale’s messages of ‘never give up,’ ‘get high on life,’ and ‘say no’ to drugs and alcohol.  Her inspirational messages, as well as international acclaim as one of the world’s best veteran women motocross racers, and demonstrations of some of the best skaters and bicycle stunt riders around, have earned Gale the title as “America’s Sports Mom.”

Gale’s own tale of tragedy, troubles
turns into crusade of hope, triumph