A member of Vans' Pee Wee Team managed by Gale Webb

   The threat of injury leads the way as the number one reason parents tell Gale Webb they keep their children away from ramps and dangerous stunts on skateboards and in-line skates.

   And, Gale agrees. Safety has to be the number one concern when practicing any sport -- especially those sports with an increased likelihood of injury.  Thatís why Gale has developed individualized clinics for both kids and adults to take students step-by-step through various stunts and maneuvers on the ramp in a safety- concious environment. Gale and her team of pros take groups of 15 students or less and work with each on a one-on-one basis, demonstrating safety measures and gear, along with how to perform basic maneuvers that make ramp riding fun.

   If you live in Southern California, or in a city where Gale and her Extreme Sports and Air Shows are performing, drop Gale an e-mail or give her a call -- youíll find the perfect atmosphere for learning the right way to perform like a pro.

Sequence of young student at a clinic

Gale Webb clinics

One-on-one training gives kids lessons in skateboarding/inline skating on ramps