Ramp Rentals

Running your own show

Ramp rentals good way to tailor-make production

Quarter Pipe Ramp


Dimensions: 10 feet high       16 feet wide

Made of steel   Painted Aluminum  Smooth Surface

Set up time: 20 minutes

Fun Box Launch Ramp

Dimensions: 20 ft. long   8 ft. wide  4 ft. tall *

* Includes 12 ft. landing ramp

Made of steel  Painted Aluminum  Smooth Surface

Required Area: Need flat asphalt or cement area between 90 and 100 ft. long and 40 to 60 ft. wide    Using two Quarter Pipes only requires an area 70 ft. long and 40 to 50 ft. wide

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Half pipe ramp also available:  Set up time approximately 1 1/2 hours