Safety Tips
Gale goes over safety gear with the Vans Pee Wee team. Gale loves talking to kids and convincing them to believe in themselves and their dreams and goals.
Gale shows kids the right way to put on safety gear and the right way to make sports safe and fun.

All safety gear is not alike!
Make sure you match the right gear to the right sport.

Perform at your own pace.
Don’t let your friends dare you to do something you’re not ready for.

Young skateboarders  learn to skate the right way before taking on the tough maneuvers.

ALWAYS wear a helmet!
No matter what type of riding, always protect yourself from unexpected falls.

Be prepared for the unexpected!
Always wear elbow and knee pads and, again, always have your helmet on.

The Vans Pee Wee team shows what it takes to skate the safe way.

Always check equipment first!
Make sure everything’s tight and read the owner’s manual before using for the first time.

Please use common sense!
Most accidents happen because of carelessness

“You only have one life, so make it count.”
       Make safety your number one goal!

  Ride and skate for all the RIGHT reasons


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Gale says ‘kids R #1’     Sports Safety always first

Following a few easy rules can help keep the fun in sports      

Here are a few easy tips to remember: