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Gale Webb's school shows are always a hit with the kids.
The parents love Gale and the kids think she's cool.

Imagine an entire student body on their feet, screaming at the top of their lungs while being thrilled and enthralled by some of the top extreme sports pros in the country.  Then add messages that inspire, motivate and give kids the notion that they are the most important people on the face of the earth -- and you have


Willie Woo, the #1 9-year-old inline skater in the world dazzles a crowd of school kids during a Gale Webb Extreme Sports Shows. Willie is also one of the top young skateboarders, is a  member of the Vans Pee Wee team and races motocross.


just an inkling into the tremendous impact  a Gale Webb Extreme Sports and Air Show has on kids and adults alike. Gale’s motivational messages show that there are real alternatives to drugs and alcohol and her “high on life” approach has earned her the title as “America’s 

Sports Mom. Her shows promote family involvement and focus on the safety side of sports. But her team of experienced bicycle, skateboard and in-line skate riders dazzle the crowds with their prowess on the various ramps.

If you can’t schedule an Extreme Sports Show for your school, ask Gale about one of the following motivational videos sure to capture the hearts of kids and adults alike: 

Eyes of a Child: The Gale Webb story Students get a personal glimpse of the near tragedy that changed Gale Webb’s life forever and learn how she battled the odds to become ‘America’s Sports Mom’ to thousands of kids for over two decades. Her positive messages and examples of courage are an inspiration.   24 minutes Other inspirational videos produced with Gale Webb include “Sky’s the Limit,” and “Riding High,” both high quality video presentations that continue Gale’s  ‘get high on life’ and ‘stay off drugs’ messages. Contact Gale to get the details

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A perfect mix of safety, positive life messages combined with pure fun add up to thrill for all ages

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